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ALottaRose.com, food for body mind and soul. Treat yourself to amazing recipes and kickazz workouts!

This site is all about super delicious food and kickazz fitness posts, the two passions in my life.
I started my passion years ago after I was done having babies. Being preggo all the time wasn’t very good for pursuing my passions especially when morning sickness didn’t restrict itself to just the mornings. Just thinking of cooking made me show peeps the insides of my stomach. Yup.. that bad.

So after the last baby I was DONE! Woohooo..!! There I was back at cooking without getting sick, thinking of new recipes, doing kickazz workouts everyday just feeling so happy about it that I wanted to share it with the world! And here we are at AlottaRose.com my little space on the web where I can share what I love most.

Before you go and peek around let me first tell you a little something about myself (nerd alert!).  Hi, I’m Rose, momma of 5 little ones. I have a degree in Computer Science and I speak 4 languages, one of them is the language Jesus spoke, how awesome is that?! I love reading literature because I’m nerdy like that. I live in a small country named the Netherlands, all the way in Europe where we ride our bikes instead of using cars. You call it fitness we call it a lifestyle!

I lift heavy because it’s cool oh and of course it makes my body strong & beautiful.. and.. I love kickboxing and sprinting, perfect cardio sessions since I do not like the treadmill!

Now you know a little something about me and why I started this site so let’s be pals, yes? If you have any questions let’s chat away below and/or subscribe to ALottaRose.com



  1. A very smart, nice, funny and sweet women you are, speaks master yoda. If i were to find a girl like you, wouldn’t hesistate to marry her everyday once 🙂


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