Almost there!!

Almost there!!

Some time has past now and I really feel I have made a huge progress with my new home. But.. I was supposed to live there a couple of days ago. Unfortunately some things have happened that made it impossible for me and my kids to live there. For instance, no hot water..! Or a working toilet!! But.. if everything goes well these things will be done tomorrow, yay!

Can’t wait to share the end results witg you guys! The kids all have chosen a wall color that they love for their bedrooms, they have good taste hehe.

The beds are all in plus all the closets are built and ready to be packed with clothes and toys (thank God for a big and helping family and of course my great friends!).

There are still some things missing and stuff that I’ve lost over the years have found their way back to me.

It’s been a very intense couple of months but the end result is worth all the stress, muscle pains and tears. I’m considering this as a very long active rest period.

Just a little longer and we can enjoy our new home.. wooohooooooooo!!

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