Avondvierdaagse – Four Days March

Avondvierdaagse Start @ the Netherlands

Time for the Avondvierdaagse!
Wait, what?!

Avondvierdaagse (Four Days March) is just a thing we do over here in our small little country, since 1909. It basically means that during four consecutive evenings hundreds of people walk a distance of 5, 10 or 15km. The Avondvierdaagse is mostly for the youth, 5 to 12 y/o, but also older participants usually to act as a chaperone / guide for  the youth.

For the more advanced walkers we also have the Nijmeegse vierdaagse where people walk 30, 40, or 50km a day!! This is a huge spectacle over here because not only is it big, over 40 000 people (!),  but also people from all over the world participate in this event. I get to watch it from my comfy couch.. that’s how advanced I am.

As to why we do it? No one really knows, maybe it’s to get that desired medal that will end up somewhere at the bottom of an old box. Or maybe it is because it is fun to walk and walk and walk.. and walk some more and get all tired, who knows?!

I do it because I tink it is a nice tradition it has good vibes. I enjoy being outdoors, walking different routes. The people are friendly and you get a sense of togetherness. The kids like it because it creates a different environment to be with their friends plus they get a medal (which for the kids is the most important reason duh).

Tonight will be the last evening for the Avondvierdaagse and I will be taking pictures for you to look at in awe.. Be on the lookout for updates on this post!!


Aaah nature walk, just beautiful
Small group of peeps in town
Be patient cars just a couple of 100 people more
THIS IS IT!! Highlight of the Avondvierdaagse, it was all worth it, the sweat, the pain and the tears..


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