Back to Back day with a touch of Cardio

Back to Back day with a touch of Cardio -

Today’s workout felt awesome. For real.

I’m not the type of person that likes doing the same workout over and over again. I get bored!! I like to mix things up, doing different exercises or a change in sets and reps, heavy weight, light weight, pre-exhaust muscles before hitting the compound movements etc. This has always worked best for me. I keep my body guessing to what’s coming next and I keep the fun alive, woohooo!!

I might do a workout twice with at least more than 2 months in between but only to see how I’ve progressed. That’s why programs don’t work for me, bleh, seriously don’t like them.

Today I decided to do an active rest right after each superset (= 2 or more exercises performed right after each other with no rest in between), so basically creating one big giantset that consisted of lifting weights and an ab/cardio exercise. I started with a little warm up..only 6 sets of kickazz Deadmill sprints. Pfew! Loved it! Then I went on with my absolutely not so boring but totally awesome workout.


Deadmill sprints, 15 seconds active, 30 sec catching your breath total of 6 sets.

Superset 1, 4 sets 30 sec rest in between sets

  • 10 wide grip lat pulldown
  • 10 seated rows
  • 10 leg raises on bench

Superset 2, 3 sets 30 sec rest in between sets

  • 10 dumbbell rows each arm
  • 10 dumbbell upright rows
  • 60 sec jump rope skipping

Superset 3, 3 sets again 30 sec rest in between sets

  • 10 kneeling high pulley row
  • 10 dumbbell shrugs
  • 60 sec jump rope skipping

Told you it was awesome.

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