Blazing Glutes #1

Blazing Glutes #1

This workout is all about the glutes. I will be sharing one Blazing Glutes workout a week that only targets the glutes. This workout is done after one of the hardcore abs workouts. Ok enough with the seriousness. This one kicked my azz, literally. It doesn’t seem much but we already have concluded that my workouts on paper seems pretty doable until actually doing it. This is no exception.

I used pretty light weights and contracted the glute muscles with each and every repetition making sure the mind to muscle connection was there (basically my brain telling my muscles to contract but more on this in another post). I could have gone way heavier with the hip thrusts, but then I would not be doing the hip thrusts as an isolation glute exercise. Going heavier means using other different muscles as well to try and get the barbell up in the air. Since my goal with this workout is to focus solely on the glutes I kept it light.

The last exercise of this workout was jump rope skipping – double unders (du’s). I am trying to get more du’s done in a row. This improves overall conditioning, but at the same time it’s a core strengthening exercise. It is great as a warm-up or as the icing on the cake.


  • Superset 4x
    • Barbell Hip thrusts 10-15 reps
    • Back extensions 15-20 reps with plate
  • Superset 4x
    • Elevated legs glute bridge 20 reps
    • Glute bench flutter kicks 40 reps
  • Cable kickbacks 3 sets ’till failure
  • 15 minutes Jump rope skipping – Double Unders


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