Blazing Glutes #3

Blazing Glutes #3

As you might have already noticed the Hardcore Abs workouts and the Blazing Glutes workouts come in pairs. That’s true love right there. Although there are more Hardcore Abs workouts than Blazing Glutes ones, that’s only because I started that series before the other (for the smartasses out there, you know who you are).

This morning I did a 600 reps core workout and almost killed me, so naturally I continued with the madness and did another 400 reps glute workout to get that blazing hot booty. Take a look below, these exercises are designed to target the glutes, hard. Try it and see how your behind feels after this..


  • 100 reps shoulder-elevated one-leg hip thrusts
  • 100 reps cable glute kickbacks left
  • 100 reps cable glute kickbacks right
  • 100 reps back extensions

You felt it huh. Told ya’.

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