Bodyweight/Lightweight Push Insanity

Push Insanity, the wokout NOT for the faint hearted -

Push Insanity, because it’s insane.

After 3 weeks of not working out, I finally went to the gym today. Before you give me your “#$&@$/#! 3 weeks of not going to the gym!” look I had perfectly legitimate reasons not to go. First I went on an amazing holiday to London which by the way is a seriously awesome city! Then I got a little sick. By “a little” I mean A LOT. And today, finally, I went to the gym. Yay.

I did a kickazz bodyweight/lightweight workout that consisted of 3 parts. Each part was a small circuit in itself. It took me about 45 min to complete this workout and I was drenched in sweat!

No need for slaving hours and hours in the gym, it all comes down to 20% smart training and 80% smart eating to get to your goals. And in today’s case, listening to my body and not going heavy first day back in the gym but instead doing this totally awesome bodyweight/lightweight workout, see below.


First part,  5 sets no rest in between:

  • 50 Squats
  • 25 Push ups
  • 25 crunches*

Second part, 3 sets no rest in between:

  • 15 Curls
  • 10 Lateral raises
  • 10 Shoulder presses

Third part, 4 sets no rest in between:

  • 15 Triceps dips
  • 15 Leg raises
  • 15 split squats


Add 20 min jump rope skipping at the end of the workout.

Et Voilà!

* Do not do crunches when you have Diastasis recti. This is the case of splitting of the abdominal muscles, meaning there is a gap between the belly muscles. This occurs often during and after pregnancies. There are several exercises you can do to get the muscles back in their original state but crunches isn’t one of them, they only make it worse!

P.s. That’s an old pic, same woman, same muscles but now they’re a little shy.

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