Fat Burn HIIT Workouts

Fat Burn HIIT #16

“I love burpees so much!!” said no one ever, seriously never. Burpees are a pain but oh so effective, it’s a full body kickazz functional exercise. With every single burpee, you’ll work your arms, chest, quads, glutes, hamstrings, and of course core. You will feel the muscle-building benefits from head to toe and last but most definitely not least it gives the heart a good pump! This workout foxuses more

Fat Burn HIIT  #15

Today’s workout is all about the jump rope. Yay! Jump rope skipping is so awesome that the intenser it gets the shorter a workout can be. Since everyone is in a hurry these days, short is what we want..and you will still be burning calories hours after your workout.. I know right?!?! Let’s talk about other awesome benefits of jump rope skipping: It’s great for building muscle.. wait what?! Yes you

Fat Burn HIIT #14

I have been running around all over the place lately that I decided to do some of my workouts in the evening. My mind is then at rest and focused on doing my workout since all of the other stuff is taken care of. This workout is a body weight workout, besides a mat you won’t need anything else! Set the timer for 15 rounds, 45 seconds intensity – 15

Fat Burn HIIT #13

The thing I love about this workout is that it can easily be done with just your bodyweight or you can choose to do it with (heavy) weights to build more muscles and strength. When you don’t have the equipment you can easily improvise, instead of a Kettlebell you can use a heavy bag, or bottles. When you don’t have a step or box just use a chair or stairs

Fat Burn HIIT #12

Today’s workout is an azz kicker. For real. It’s so intense that a lot of fat will be crying so make sure to stay hydrated throughout the workout(s). Set the timer for 30 rounds, 40-20. 40 Seconds of intensity and 20 seconds rest. Believe me you will need the rest. Do all exercises as fast as you can but with proper form! Breakdown: Skater Jump Break Dancer Step Ups, alternating Discus