Get Strong Workouts

Get Strong AF #80

Today was a leg press kinda day. In total I did 10 sets on the leg press! It felt so good! After that I went on with deadlifts, I couldn’t go so heavy but ohh boy did I feel it. Then it was time to work on those calves of mine so I decided to use the Smith-machine for that. And that was it! It doesn’t seem much.. only three

Get Strong AF #78

Today sucked. I hurt my finger and now it is getting all swollen and blue. Damn you dumbbells.. damn you. It all started good and well, I was in the zone doing a superset of dumbbell bench press and dumbbell flyes. When I finished the flyes I threw the dumbbells on the floor.. not knowing that the dumbbells of the bench press were still there. My finger got stuck between

Get Strong AF #77

Another intense leg / glute workout done! I actually started sweating hehehehe With this workout my main focus was on the glutes. I have decided to tartget the glutes more often, two or three times a week. I hope to get that beautiful roundness on top of the glutes. My quads are already pretty developed, always have been, and my calves are coming along  nicely. Geeeeezzz it seems I am training

Get Strong AF #76

Today I worked out in the evening, in a different gym in another town. I kept hearing about this gym from people that it wasn’t so busy in the evening and that they had more equipment, so I decided to give it a try and check it out. I know you’re just dying to know what I thought about this gym so here goes.. Yes, there is more equipment just