Hardcore Abs Workouts

Hardcore Abs #9

Not all abs are created equal. Some people don’t need to do a thing and have rock solid strong abs and some people need to work their butts off to make them pop and gain strength. That is the hard truth, accept it. But luckily for the people (including me) that aren’t genetically blessed with rock solid strong abs (no worries, we are blessed in many, many other ways) there are

Hardcore Abs #8

Today was the first time I wore a weight vest while jump rope skipping.  Thanks to mr. E who has 30+ years bodybuilding experience. He came up to me while I was already 5 minutes into my workout and asked me if I wanted to try his weight vest. Of course I am always in for a challenge so I put it on, 16 kg (35.2 lbs) strapped on to

Hardcore Abs #7

This workout is a blessing and a curse all into one. I started fine.. just doing my thing trying to do as many double unders in a row as I could for about 15 minutes straight. Then I thought it would be nice to do a little plank workout, just a little one. I like how I always underestimate the intensity of my own workouts. On paper it all seems

Hardcore Abs #6

I was a bit tired this morning and almost skipped the gym.. I heard that little voice telling me that my bed was super comfy and warm.. it is ya know.. and that I should just stay in bed a little longer but I was strong.. I told that little voice to shut upz and got out of bed. Just like that. My whole body was sore so I decided

Hardcore Abs #5

Another Fat Burn done! Now time for some serious core exercises. If this Hardcore abs is done right after a Fat Burn HIIT, set the timer for 10 rounds 45-15. 45 Seconds intensity, 15 seconds rest. If this Hardcore abs is done as it’s own workout then set the timer for 20 rounds 45-15. Breakdown: Sit up to Hip up Bicycle Crunch Knee Tuck to Hip Raise Bear Crawl (3