Frittata bites

I love making these little Frittata bites, they are nutritious, healthy and so good! It only takes about 10 minutes to prep them. You can mix and match whatever types of vegetables you like or have at hand, add bacon (!) or sun dried tomatoes and pesto.. yummmmmm This recipe makes 18 Frittata bites. Perfect for food prepping. Ingredients: 12 whole eggs, beaten Chopped up vegetables, I used: 1/5 zucchini

Foodprep #2

For today’s foodprep I have made: Lentil soup Kale with smoked sausage Stir fried steak tips with onion, hot- and bell peppers in teriyaki sauce Shepherds pie Boiled eggs Yes that much. This covers about 5 days of meals for me and the kids. What isn’t listed is the salads, fruits, quark and cottage cheese that I will be eating as well. I have already covered the lentil soup and

Foodprep #1

Every Sunday I do a foodprep. It helps me stay accountable and eat healthy throughout the week. Since I am always running around, in the most literal sense of the word, I hardly have time to prepare the usual four course meal. Because that’s what all moms do, right?!?!?! Soooo every Sunday you find me working hard in the kitchen (blood, sweat and tears style) to prepare the most perfect