Cheese Tasting in Amsterdam

Cheese Tasting in Amsterdam

As all of you already know I live in a small little country called the Netherlands. The Netherlands is known for being the country with the famous capital city Amsterdam! Yes Amsterdam is a city.. not a country.

And no we don’t all smoke weed, wear wooden shoes or grow tulips all day long. What we do is eat cheese. A lot of it too. It’s like a religion over here, wherever you go there’s cheese and we don’t get sick of it because, I dare to say it, we have the best cheeses in the WORLD.

Our most famous cheese is the Gouda and the most eaten cheese, also my favorite,  is the Jong Belegen Kaas it’s so soft and delicious! What we also love as an evening snack or when we have a party is a thing called “kaasplankje”.. cheese platter. Basically different types of cheeses on a platter served with grapes and a mustard dip sometimes accompanied with some kind of alcoholic beverage depending on the types of cheese.

Our cheeses are so delicious that there are places that offer a cheese tasting. I recommend the Reypenaer Proeflokaal in Amsterdam. They offer a variety of cheeses to taste from. From goat cheese to Jong Belegen cheese to old cheese. All of the cheeses are served with wine, port and/or cherry.

Their cheeses are all hand ripened and you can taste it. Their most famous cheese is the Reypenaer which is ripened in an old cheese warehouse that is over a century old. The Cheese Master is the one that leads this ripening process in the old warehouse. He knows exactly when the cheese is perfectly ripened by touching, smelling and also whispering.. yes whispering, to the cheese. Now that’s craftsmanship right there.

The tasting they offer is presented by a young woman in both English and Dutch. She knows all about the history of the company, the production of the different cheeses but also knows a lot about how to eat the cheese and what to eat it with (as in dips or alcoholic beverages). All of this in a very fun and open way.  She knows her cheese.

If you ever go and visit Amsterdam I would definitely do this cheese tasting!

**I am not affiliated with the Reypenaer Proeflokaal, this post is intended to only share my experience and opinion.**

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