Diamond Legs #4

Finally another Diamond Legs workout done! This was so needed after a week of dealing with sick kids. Pfeww!

Since I wasn’t feeling good myself I decided to stay home and try to do a bodyweight leg workout.

I succeeded. Just don’t ask me how.

After I finished it I managed to feel even worse and had to lay down. Way to listen to your body Rose! Anyway I am happy that I at least got a decent workout in after a week of playing nurse, now if only I can get my own stay at home nurse.


  • 25 jump squats
  • 200 air squats
  • 50 alternating side lunges
  • 50 alternating bakward lunges
  • 50 Bulgarian split squats Left
  • 50 Bulgarian split squats Right
  • 100 bridges
  • 100 skaters

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