Dortmund – Zum Alten Markt

Dortmund - Zum Alten Markt

During the Christmas holiday some friends and I decided to go to Germany, Dortmund. Some of my friends are Football fans (Soccer for Americans) and wanted to visit the German Football Museum.

The German Football Museum aka DFB-Museum is the national museum for German football in Dortmund. They showcase all of the football attributes like cups that the Germans won. Lots of history too, how the German league started, the role of Adidas (yes that’s a German brand) and of course lots of videos etc.

I am not a football fan, shocker, so for me it was okay, interesting enough to enjoy myself but not so much to want to visit it again. Although I did have lots of fun pressing on all the buttons on their interactive games, and apparently I have football intelligence because I got 90% of the football questions right even though I guessed them all.

After the museum we all went shopping, another shocker and finally it was time to eat.

We found this little German restaurant in the middle of the center of Dortmund. It’s called Zum Alten Markt, literally translated: to the old market. It had a classic German pub look and feel. The people there were very friendly and even offered us an English menu, of course I didn’t need it because I speak German (yep I am that cool).

We decided to get the house special: “Anno Dazumal” (meaning: Anually). It was a two course meal, first course was a very hot potato soup then followed a steak roast with a honey-mustard crust accompanied with home made gravy, dumplings, sauerkraut, and a fresh cabbage salad.

Oh my it was good.. it was so so good.

UGH.. so so good!


  1. Yeah I know where the good places are at ; )


  2. WOW…. That place looks really awesome…


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