Everything in Moderation but not when BBQ-ing

Everything in Moderation but not when BBQ-ing

Last Saturday I was extremely busy. As some of you know I have moved to another home about six months ago.

The inside is done, except for some little things here and there.  It was quite a job! I had the bathrooms done, the entire kitchen,  new floors etc. Now I have started with the outside, I am getting a new fence and 2 gates, a new deck terrace, back terrace, front yard, drive way and so much more…pfewww!!

So this past Saturday with only a few hours sleep I had to start extremely super duper early at 8am.. I know right?!! I had people putting in a new fence, and I wanted to get the back terrace and path done. I also invited some of my dearest friends over for a BBQ. I’m such a great planner.

As my day progressed I got fitter and fitter until the back terrace and path were done and I finally sat down, it was then when I felt my whole body aching. I still had some preparation to do for the BBQ. Luckily I already marinated all the meat. All I had to do was make the shaslick, köfte and the salads, prepare the table and make sure everyone was happy.

When I could finally sit down and eat my bestie and I decided we needed some refreshment.  So we mixed up some Martini with tonic and ice, added lemon and fresh mint leaves, it tasted so good with the BBQ!

I had only one glass, everything in moderation right?! I did eat a lot, especially after all the good honest hard labor I put in that day.. and let’s face it, there’s no such thing as BBQ-ing in moderation.

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