Fat Burn HIIT #10

Fat Burn HIIT #10

Today we welcomed two awesome women to our little Fat Burn HIIT group. They faced the challenges and pushed through! So proud! It’s nice to see women lifting each other up, motivating and pushing each other to work hard and complete the workouts.

This Fat Burn is all about the legs. Go through each exercise and do a total of 30 repetitions per exercise. After the workout done.. do it all over again! Only take short water breaks between exercises.


  • 30 Squat to punch with jump in between
  • 30 reverse lunge to knee ups with rotation (torso)
  • 30 Jumping jacks with squats
  • 30 princess lunges to side kick
  • 30 Leg rotation high kicks 15 each leg!
  • 30 Step ups to overhead press

Then take a short break and move on to the 100 pushups challenge! Wait we’re not done yet.. there is another awesome Hardcore Abs workout to be done wooohooooooo!

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