Fat Burn HIIT #12

Fat Burn HIIT #12

Today’s workout is an azz kicker. For real. It’s so intense that a lot of fat will be crying so make sure to stay hydrated throughout the workout(s).

Set the timer for 30 rounds, 40-20. 40 Seconds of intensity and 20 seconds rest. Believe me you will need the rest. Do all exercises as fast as you can but with proper form!


  • Skater Jump
  • Break Dancer
  • Step Ups, alternating
  • Discus Swing, Left
  • Discus Swing, Right
  • High Knee Run
  • Skater Jump to Knee Hop
  • Low Rotational Chop
  • Cross Body Jumping Jack
  • Alternating Fast Feet

So in total you repeat these exercises 3 times! 

After this workout is done, take a short break, catch you breath, have some water and go straight into the Hardcore Abs #5! Then.. 100 pushups. You got this!


  1. This was a very heavy workout but one that I did enjoy. I wasn’t able to all the workouts exactly like you but with modifications I was able to push through and I feel strong AF! THANKS Rosa


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