Fat Burn HIIT #15

Fat Burn HIIT  #15

Today’s workout is all about the jump rope. Yay! Jump rope skipping is so awesome that the intenser it gets the shorter a workout can be. Since everyone is in a hurry these days, short is what we want..and you will still be burning calories hours after your workout.. I know right?!?!

Let’s talk about other awesome benefits of jump rope skipping:

  1. It’s great for building muscle.. wait what?! Yes you read that right, jump rope skipping is great for building muscle (toning up). Skipping rope is so intense that it requires a lot of muscle contraction which activate the fast twitch muscle fibers that will build muscle and make you look tighter!
  2. You develop endurance, agility with jumping, paired with an increase of lung capacity.
  3. Instead of running for hours to stay or get conditioned you save a lot of time because of the intensity.
  4. It’s affordable, it fits in a bag or purse and you can literally do it anywhere, at any location!
  5. It increases bone density but at the same time it’s not hard on the joints as running because each jump is absorbed by both legs.

As you can see jump rope skipping is an awesome thing to do so why not do it very often! It’s easy to incorporate in a workout or do it as a workout on it’s own. So many possibilities!

For this jump rope workout set the timer for 30 rounds, 30-10.

30 Seconds intensity and 10 seconds rest meaning for 30 seconds you jump rope skip as fast as you can and rest for 10 seconds. Believe me by the end of the 20 minutes you will be drenched in sweat and burning so munch!

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