Fat Burn HIIT #9

Fat Burn HIIT #9

Todays Fat Burn HIIT is all about strengthening the back muscles and cardiovascular movements. So basically back exercises with burpees.

Set the timer for 15 rounds 45 – 15. Do the strengthening exersices for 45 seconds and burpees for 15. No rest. There are 5 different strengthening exercises so you go through them in total of 3 times (with buroees in between!!).

  • Opposite arm leg raise left
  • Opposite arm leg raise right
  • Back extensions
  • Dive bombers
  • Revers plank hold

After this it’s time for the 100 Days 100 Pushups Challenge!

Oh wait.. we’re not done.. time for Hardcore Abs #2!!

Yeah it’s definitely a good day.


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