Finding Balance

Finding Balance

Sometimes it’s OK to eat not so healthy. A couple of years ago I would have never eaten good old fashioned burger and fries. I was constantly calculating my macronutrients, weighing my foods, working out for 2-3 hours a day 6 days a week. The one day that was supposed to be my rest day I would get that itchy feeling and eventually do some type of home workout. I was very active outside the gym too, constantly doing a type of exercise all through the day, constantly moving. I was very lean, very thin (a NL European size 32, USA 2). I ate, slept and breathed gym.

I was obsessed.

Then life threw me a curve ball. Twice. It knocked me out of my obsession and I just let go. Completely.

I stopped working out, stopped eating healthy, I just ate whatever whenever and gained weight. Lots of it. What happened made me think about life, how I wanted to live and most of all, my children. It would have been my downfall if I didn’t have my little ones to keep me standing.

After about a year or so I started to work out again, but I didn’t really feel it. It was frustrating because I felt that I have lost something, if that makes sense. I wasn’t very consistent with my workouts, also a lot of things were happening in my life and I tried to do it all. It was just too much.

A part of me wanted to go back to that obsession but another part wanted me to take the time and take it slow. Which I did and it was really hard. Over time it became a little easier to find that healthy balance but  here I am, strong, heatlhy and enjoying life. I have found that balance. I work out 5 mornings a week, spend time with my beautiful children, friends and family and I get things done.

So yes, every once in a while (or more often) I eat a good old fashioned burger and fries, and I do not feel guilty. It’s all about finding balance in life and enjoying the little things.

Unless you’re competing, then please be obsessed.

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