Foodprep #1

Foodprep #1

Every Sunday I do a foodprep. It helps me stay accountable and eat healthy throughout the week. Since I am always running around, in the most literal sense of the word, I hardly have time to prepare the usual four course meal. Because that’s what all moms do, right?!?!?! Soooo every Sunday you find me working hard in the kitchen (blood, sweat and tears style) to prepare the most perfect healthy meals for me and my little ones.

This week I decided to keep it simple, light dinners and lunches because I ate too much over the weekend. It’s all about balance and chocolate, yes chocolate too.

Last week I made a lot of slow cooked meat (beef) and boy was it good, but I made waaaaayy too much so I froze half of it to be eaten this week it will probably be enough for two dinners! All I have to do I make some rice with it for the kids and we’re good to go!

This weeks foodprep was only 5 breakfasts; quark with fruit and cinnamon,  4 dinners; pork tenderloin with feta cheese, pomegranate on a bed of greens, 2 lunches; chickpeas with avocado on greens with mango (separate). The other lunches will be eggs or oatmeal with whey protein and almond milk depending on the day, what my workout is like and how the weather is like. 

I also have included cottage cheese to be eaten right before bed since it has casein in it. A type of protein that is released slowly so it keeps the muscles fed all through the night.. just to give a very simple explanation. 


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