Get Srong AF #8

Get Srong AF #8

**I wrote this yesterday, but battery died so..**

This (workout) week is almost to and end and man I must say it has been a lot of fun workout wise. I mean my legs still sore from monday and tomorrow it’s legs again! Deadlift kind of day, yay! Tuesday I hit chest and back hard pffffff S O R E and today I did shoulders and abs.. well I all of the soreness combined.. it will be a challende just to do the basic things around here.

Today’s workout was a blast, seriously I haven’t trained shoulders like this for a while and boy does it feel good! I started with the classic Arnold Press and worked my way  to the Rear Cable Fly (which I never see people do around here.. hmmmm) just going with the flow.

Breakdown Get Strong AF #8:

  • Arnold Press 5×8-10
  • Leg Raise on Bench 4×10 (10 sec rest)
  • Face Pulls 4×6-8
  • Superset 4 sets
    • Lateral Raise 6-8 reps
    • Plank hold 30 sec
  • Lateral Raise 4×8-10
  • Single-arm Linear Jammer 3×12 (each arm)
  • Superset 3 sets
    • Plank – knee to elbow 10 each side
    • Heel Touches / Modified V-Sits 10 total
  • Cable Rear Delt fly 4×6-8

Let me know what you think about this workout in the comments below and maybe you know other kickazz shoulder exercises I should try! Don’t forget to subscribe and like /follow me on Facebook!

P.s. thats my after workout selfie, outside, near my bike, because driving home after gym time isn’t an option. #LegsStillSoreFromMonday

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