Get Strong AF #14

Get Strong AF #14

Leg day my favorite!!! I know I know I have already mentioned that several times, but I just can’t help it.. I LOVE LEG DAY!

Today was again quads focused. I decided to incorporate more active rests, actually I should say ‘more intense’ active rests. Now when I do heavy week, meaning I lift extra heavy, I barely have energy left to do active rests. But, today that wasn’t the case, it was higher reps so enough energy to do an intense active rest and get that heart rate up!


  • Warmup superset: 4 sets
    • Jump rope skipping double unders 1 min high intensity
    • Squat just barbell x10
  • Superset 4 sets
    • Barbell deep squat  8-10 reps
    • Jump rope double unders 30 sec high intensity
  • Superset
    • Split squat 12 kg dumbbells 10 each
    • Squat jumps bodyweight 30 sec high intensity
  • Superset 4 sets
    • Overhead squat
    • Jump rope skipping 30 sec high intensity
  • Leg press 3 sets 160kg

Yes, those are my Batman leggings.

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