Get Strong AF #4

Get Strong AF #4

Today’s workouts were awesome. Yes plural.

I started with a short 10 minute hiit (high intensity interval training) of jump rope skipping bright and early in the morning before my minis woke up.. I planned on doing a 20 minute hiit but my minis decided that 10 min was enough. They’re in control.

Then I went on to my kickboxing class and kicked ass. It felt great! The trainer added some fitness exercises like squats, lunges and push ups as a bonus to the training which was a nice surprise. Loved it.

Sooo then later on it was time for the Get Strong AF #4 workout. Yay.

Again I increased weights on all the compound movements. Took 30-60 sec rest between sets and finished off with hitting the shoulders hard.


  • Barbel Squats 5×5
  • Overhead Press 5×5
  • Deadlift 1×5
  • Face Pulls 4×6-8
    • Last set drop set (3x until failure) starting with a heavier weight than your working weight.
  • Seated Arnold Press 4×6-8
  • Lateral Raise 4×6-8

I only did one set of Deadlifts because of the Squats I did before. Doing both exercises in one workout puts a lot of stress and pressure on the spine, hence the one set.

Do it right, get it right.


  1. Good job!! You are so beautiful and strong.


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