Get Strong AF #80

Get Strong AF #80

Today was a leg press kinda day. In total I did 10 sets on the leg press! It felt so good! After that I went on with deadlifts, I couldn’t go so heavy but ohh boy did I feel it. Then it was time to work on those calves of mine so I decided to use the Smith-machine for that. And that was it! It doesn’t seem much.. only three exercises but when you look at the total sets it’s an awesome workout.  Take a look at the breakdown and see for yourself.


  • Leg Press, start with light weights for about 15-20 reps. Do this three sets. Then add weight to each following set until you reach the 4-6 reps range. Then do another two sets within that rep range. Then decrease the weight to starting weight and do another set until failure. Boom!
  • Deadlifts, because of the intense leg press exercise don’t expect to go super heavy on this one.. 4 sets for 4-8 reps
  • Smith-machine calves 3 sets 8-10 reps


I have decided that this is the last workout in the Get Strong series. I will start a new split after the fall holiday, the kids have one week off .. so awesome, yeah. I will still be training 5 times a week hitting lower- and upperbody twice a week with an extra abs and glute workout in the middle of the week.

I’ll keep you posted!

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