Goodbye Sauerland

Goodbye Sauerland

Our holiday in Sauerland is over… booohooooo :'(

We’ve had so much fun, we’ve seen many beautiful things and we will miss it dearly.

Of all the fun stuff we did the kids loved this beautiful Panorama Park the most. It’s situated up in the hills were there are several things to do for the kids.. for the kids… for us parents it’s hard work! Pfewww try and pull a cart up the hill with bags and kids in it.. I got my sweat on and completed a workout, just like that.

One of my favorites was this small town called Schmallenberg. It has a lot of historic buildings, a cute little bakery with such a beautiful view andsmall exclusive shops.. of course scoring a beautiful cocktail dress helps with picking my favorite moments hehe.

Another favorite was the wellnes evening.. oh man that felt sooooo good. The best thing about that was that we could reserve the entire wellness area for ourselves! Win!

Overall it was a nice relaxing holiday. Goodbye Sauerland, until we meet again.

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