Growing Vegetables

Growing vegetables at

My kids just love to see their little seeds sprout and grow into something big especially if it means they can harvest the vegetables and fruit themselves. The happiness on their faces when they see how these little plants grow and then after about 12 weeks.. finally they can have the first fresh bite of their own grown foods.. that there.. just priceless! Okay okay, I know I’m a bit exaggerating but for real, just look at how cute these little vegetable plants are..

Growing vegetables at
Cuteness in a jar!!

Seriously isn’t that the cutest! There’s more where that came from…scroll down for more cuteness..

little green beans plant at
Green beans.. yeah baby!
It's getting hot in herre.. hot mess these pepper plants are
It’s getting hot in herre.. hot mess these pepper plants are

We also have cherry tomatoes, cress, bell peppers, pumpkin, and so on. Not only is it fun (and cute) but also super healthy! 100% Organic foods grown by yours truly and LOVED by my little minis. If you have kids that are hard vegetable eaters challenge them to grow their own. You’ll see they will start eating vegetables more. Also offer vegetables with every single meal and whatever happens.. never. give. up.

When these little cuties are fully grown and ready for harvest I’ll post an update, sharing the awesomeness!

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