Hardcore Abs #6

Hardcore Abs #6

I was a bit tired this morning and almost skipped the gym.. I heard that little voice telling me that my bed was super comfy and warm.. it is ya know.. and that I should just stay in bed a little longer but I was strong.. I told that little voice to shut upz and got out of bed. Just like that.

My whole body was sore so I decided to do some hardcore core training. Finally another Hardcore Abs workout! Woohoooooooooo! With this workout I wanted to focus on the entire core and not just the abs, I feel that hitting the entire core is way better for balance and symmetry instead of training just the abs. Take a look below for today’s workout breakdown and let me know what you think.


  • Superset x3 ’till failure
    • Static plank hold
    • Reverse plank
  • Superset x3 ’till failure
    • Plank knee tuck alternating
    • Side plank hold
  • Superset x3 ’till failure
    • Hollow back hold
    • Supermans
  • Cable crunches x3 8-10 reps
  • Cable plank rows x3 6-8 reps

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