Hardcore Abs #7

Hardcore Abs #7

This workout is a blessing and a curse all into one. I started fine.. just doing my thing trying to do as many double unders in a row as I could for about 15 minutes straight. Then I thought it would be nice to do a little plank workout, just a little one.

I like how I always underestimate the intensity of my own workouts. On paper it all seems so doable until I actually do the workout. I always think “happy” thoughts while going through all the exercises. Thoughts I will not repeat here on my site (I like to keep this site approachable to all ages).

After this workout I went straight into the first Blazing Glutes workout and after all the blood and tears I finally returned home feeling victorious.


  • 15 min Jump rope skipping – Double Unders
  • Superset 3x
    • Plank Jacks 40 reps
    • Side plank with alternating leg lift 10 reps each side
  • Superset 3x
    • Pensdulums 40
    • Mountain climbers 40
  • Superset 3x
    • Side plank lifts ’till failure
    • Plank with hip drop alternating 20 total
  • Superset 3x
    • Russian twists with medicine ball 20 total
    • Plank with side leg lift 20 total

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