Hardcore Abs #8

Hardcore Abs #8

Today was the first time I wore a weight vest while jump rope skipping.  Thanks to mr. E who has 30+ years bodybuilding experience. He came up to me while I was already 5 minutes into my workout and asked me if I wanted to try his weight vest. Of course I am always in for a challenge so I put it on, 16 kg (35.2 lbs) strapped on to my body.

I tried to do a double under with it.. I could do one. I tried to talk while jumping around.. I felt the air pressing out of my chest. Pfewwww! It was hard. I started to sweat a lot but kept going for at least 10 minutes.

Weight vests contribute in training  the cardiovascular system. Another plus is the greater total body load from a weight vest, it enhances strength and density of the bones to handle the added weight. Did I mention it worked my calves hard?? Well it did, hard.

After the first intense 15 minutes it was time to shock my core muscles. I went through each exercise with as little rest as possible, yeah burn it did.


  • 15 minute Jump Rope Skipping with weighted vest
  • Superset 3x
    • Mountain Climbers 40 reps
    • Plank Jacks 25 reps
  • Superset 3x
    • Knee to elbow plank alternating 20-25 reps
    • Side plank hold 30 sec each side
  • Superset 3x
    • Knee hugs 15 reps
    • Russian twists 20-25 reps


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