Hardcore Abs #9

Hardcore Abs #9

Not all abs are created equal. Some people don’t need to do a thing and have rock solid strong abs and some people need to work their butts off to make them pop and gain strength. That is the hard truth, accept it.

But luckily for the people (including me) that aren’t genetically blessed with rock solid strong abs (no worries, we are blessed in many, many other ways) there are plenty of exercises to do to get to that level of rock solid strong greatness. It will take some time and effort.. and pain, maybe even some tears, but hey, how bad do you want it!?

This morning I decided it would be a great idea to do a 600 reps core workout. It all started fun and well but quickly escalated into huffing and puffing my way through the workout. I turned into one of those people that make noises in the gym. Luckily I had my music blasting in my ears and didn’t hear myself so others didn’t hear it either. eerrrmmm right.


  • 15 minutes jump rope skipping with weigh vest.

Complete each 100 reps in as few sets as possible with as short of rest periods possible before moving to the next exercise.

  • 100 reps arms high partial sit-up
  • 100 reps barbell Russian twists
  • 100 reps flutter kicks
  • 100 reps plank hip drop
  • 100 reps horizontal cable wood-chop left
  • 100 reps horizontal cable wood-chop right

**Sometimes I really dislike the person writing these workouts. For realz**

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