Looking forward to my new Home

Looking forward to my new Home

My new home needs a lot of work and as some of you already know I don’t mind putting in work at all. So far I (okay ‘we’, but seriously I put in some WORK) have stripped down the bathroom tiles, the entire kitchen and the kitchen tiles, the floors on the ground (first) floor, did some landscaping in my backyard because ..jungle.. and painted.

The biggest project at this moment is the attic. I am creating a room there for my oldest teenager. The first thing we needed to get done was the electricity and since I have no clue on how to do that I hired a nice man that can do that for me, thanks Michel!

Then it was time for the insulation. It seems so simple, put some insulation underneath the roof, cover it with plasterboards and be done with it. Yeah… I know.

So another nice man is doing that for me, with a tiny bit of my help of course. He needs people to lift heavy sh!t and get it upstairs 💪.. thanks Milo!

I took some pictures of  the progress!

What a difference! I love it already 😃

There is still a lot of work ahead (that counts as lots of workouts!!) and I am loving every minute of this. It is stressful because the other daily things also keep going, but totally worth it!

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