Maple Plantains

Maple Plantains

These organic Maple Plantains are so delicious and so perfect as a post workout meal! They are tender and super sweet to satisfy that sweet tooth.

Plantains, the big brother of bananas, help boost the immune system, regulate digestion and is a potassium-rich food. The bigger brother contains less sugar than bananas and also has lots of fibers, vitamin A, C, B6 and magnesium!!! Did someone say super food?!?!?!

Take a look at this super easy delicious recipe below.. yumm yumm yumm!!!


  • 1 organic plantain
  • Coconut oil
  • Organic no added sugar maple syrup


Peel and cut the plantain in slices. Put coconut oil in a hot non stick frying pan, add the plantain slices and bake until golden brown, flip the plantain slices over and bake the other side until golden brown, add the maple syrup and cook for about 30 seconds. Done!

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