Summer Holiday aka 6 Weeks of Terror

Summer Holiday aka 6 Weeks of Terror

It has been a while since I posted an article. I blame my kids, for real.

They decided it was a very good time to stay home.. for 6 weeks. 6 WEEKS!!!

Summer holiday they call it. I call it ‘6 Weeks of Terror’.

From morning ’till evening they’re around me. Talking, hanging, sometimes crying, holding on to my legs, screaming, playing World War III and/or Tom & Jerry (their all time favorite).

It wasn’t all that bad.. for example.. sometimes they would help me do the groceries. We would go to the store, of course I would tell them to behave before we entered the store to which they all agreed to with their big innocent eyes, and then BOOM!!!!

They get the shopping cart, jump around in the store, run away from me (because they know exactly what we need), make noise (because the people in the back of the store need to know they’re there..duh) and then play Tom & Jerry with the shopping cart (because they are creative like that). All of this in the first 2 minutes after entering the store. So I did/do what every sane mother would do.

Pretend they’re not mine.


During the 6 Weeks of Terror I managed to take the kids out to amusement parks, the beach, swimming pools, zoo’s and all the other stuff where kids can play and get tired. We even went and saw dolfins!  It cost me blood sweat and lots of tears but we had fun. Yes I love my kids.

Now the 6 Weeks of Terror are over (amen!) school has started again and we’re back to usual business.

Before I go and post my newest workouts let’s have a look at some of the things we saw during the 6 Weeks of Terror.. it might not all be bad.













It’s the simple things in life that are the most precious ones to me.

Was I exaggerating about my kids’ terror behaviour… maybe, did we have fun, most definitely.

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