The Beauty of Valencia, Spain

What I find so nice about Europe is that when you travel for just a couple of hours it feels like you are in a totally different world.  The people speak a different language, the scenery is different, and even the air you breathe feels different! Our latest holiday was in Valencia,  Spain with my friend, her daughter and my kids. It was a combination of a family vacation and city

Everything in Moderation but not when BBQ-ing

Last Saturday I was extremely busy. As some of you know I have moved to another home about six months ago. The inside is done, except for some little things here and there.  It was quite a job! I had the bathrooms done, the entire kitchen,  new floors etc. Now I have started with the outside, I am getting a new fence and 2 gates, a new deck terrace, back

Looking forward to my new Home

My new home needs a lot of work and as some of you already know I don’t mind putting in work at all. So far I (okay ‘we’, but seriously I put in some WORK) have stripped down the bathroom tiles, the entire kitchen and the kitchen tiles, the floors on the ground (first) floor, did some landscaping in my backyard because ..jungle.. and painted. The biggest project at this

Dortmund - Zum Alten Markt

During the Christmas holiday some friends and I decided to go to Germany, Dortmund. Some of my friends are Football fans (Soccer for Americans) and wanted to visit the German Football Museum. The German Football Museum aka DFB-Museum is the national museum for German football in Dortmund. They showcase all of the football attributes like cups that the Germans won. Lots of history too, how the German league started, the