The Beauty of Valencia, Spain

What I find so nice about Europe is that when you travel for just a couple of hours it feels like you are in a totally different world.  The people speak a different language, the scenery is different, and even the air you breathe feels different! Our latest holiday was in Valencia,  Spain with my friend, her daughter and my kids. It was a combination of a family vacation and city

Jalepeño Poppers

My MBF promised me to make Jalepeño poppers years and years ago. Finally on our last movie night she made them. I loved them so much I decided to steal her recipe and post it here on my site pretending it’s mine and of course not give her credits at all. So there. Ingredients: Jalepeño peppers Cream cheese (any kind) Bacon Optional: instead of regular bacon use turkey bacon Cooking

More Lentil Soup!

Today I had this craving for a rich lentil soup, yes again.. just love it. This time I stuffed it with lots of vegetables so I just grabbed some and started chopping, see the results of my chopping spree 😉 Ingredients for this version of lentil soup: Hand held mixer 1 liter of cold water 1 cup of lentils 1 onion finely chopped 1 medium size carrot chopped 6 cherry

Keys to Successful Fat Loss

Fat loss is simple, calorie in vs calorie out, right? All you have to do is know exactly how many calories you burn and know exactly how many calories you eat. Easier said that done. Between all the online calculators that are probably way off and the many misguided information there is on the world wide web it’s hard to see the truth, let alone to put it in practice. And there

Bacon and Eggs Omelette

Today I felt for eating bacon and eggs. Bacon.. just saying it is so comforting.. Bacon.. Yeah. Just plain and simple a bacon and eggs omelette aka awesomeness on a plate. Ingredients: bacon 4 whole eggs (yes 4, I was hungry and my cholesterol agreed) salt to taste (I used Himalayan) black pepper to taste 1 tsp olive oil Crack the eggs and put in a bowl, whisk the eggs.