Blazing Glutes #3

As you might have already noticed the Hardcore Abs workouts and the Blazing Glutes workouts come in pairs. That’s true love right there. Although there are more Hardcore Abs workouts than Blazing Glutes ones, that’s only because I started that series before the other (for the smartasses out there, you know who you are). This morning I did a 600 reps core workout and almost killed me, so naturally I

Blazing Glutes #2

After the ah-ma-zing Hardcore abs #8 I went on with this even more ah-ma-zing glute workout. It’s short but so intense. Every wednesday I do a hardcore abs workout followed by glute training. I believe that developing a strong core with even stronger glutes will only benefit in doing other compound exercises like squats and deadlifts. Again mind to muscle is very important with each and every exercise.  I always

Blazing Glutes #1

This workout is all about the glutes. I will be sharing one Blazing Glutes workout a week that only targets the glutes. This workout is done after one of the hardcore abs workouts. Ok enough with the seriousness. This one kicked my azz, literally. It doesn’t seem much but we already have concluded that my workouts on paper seems pretty doable until actually doing it. This is no exception. I

Get Strong AF #77

Another intense leg / glute workout done! I actually started sweating hehehehe With this workout my main focus was on the glutes. I have decided to tartget the glutes more often, two or three times a week. I hope to get that beautiful roundness on top of the glutes. My quads are already pretty developed, always have been, and my calves are coming along  nicely. Geeeeezzz it seems I am training

Get Strong AF #72

I wanted to try a new exercise today.. the kneeling squat. This exercise activates the glutes as no other squat variant does. The correct way to do the kneeling squat is as follows: Set the bar to a good height in a squat rack. Kneel down behind the bar; use a pad when necessary. Slide under the bar, rack it across the back of your shoulders. Your shoulder blades should