Diamond Legs #5

This workout kept my legs burning through the weekend.  Especially the lying hamstring curls. I tried to get more hamstring activation with this workout and John, our lovely personal trainer, showed me this beautiful combination. Lying hamstring curl and straight leg deadlift, both with dumbbells. High volume and oohh boy that pump! It felt so good I will do this combo more often. Thanks John! Breakdown: 15 min jump rope skipping

Get Strong AF #77

Another intense leg / glute workout done! I actually started sweating hehehehe With this workout my main focus was on the glutes. I have decided to tartget the glutes more often, two or three times a week. I hope to get that beautiful roundness on top of the glutes. My quads are already pretty developed, always have been, and my calves are coming along  nicely. Geeeeezzz it seems I am training

Get Strong AF #59

There is something about Lunges that I really really don’t like, not sure what it is but what I do know is that it is one of the best leg exercises out there. When doing lunges make sure that your feet are stable on the floor and that the knees aren’t wobbling (if that’s a word). When the knees are wobbling it means that you have a higher risk of

Deadlifting my way through life

Today’s workout was one of those days where you just get caught up in doing one Deadlift after another. Don’t you just hate it when that happens?! Well I don’t, I actually LOVE it. Deads (because that’s what the cool kids call it) make me feel so badass and so awesome it’s most definitely one of my favorite exercise. Today’s workout only consisted of tree exercises, yes three, but it

Glute kickbacks, for stronger and rounder glutes! I love this exercise because it always gives me a great burn after my workout :)

I’m not good at coming up with good titles for my posts, especially when it comes to fitness / workout posts. So as of today, I’m keeping it simple and organized. So there… now you know the one thing I’m not good at. This second workout in the Get Strong AF series (yes, it has become a series) has kicked my a§§… I was trying to walk down the stairs