Diamond Legs #5

This workout kept my legs burning through the weekend.  Especially the lying hamstring curls. I tried to get more hamstring activation with this workout and John, our lovely personal trainer, showed me this beautiful combination. Lying hamstring curl and straight leg deadlift, both with dumbbells. High volume and oohh boy that pump! It felt so good I will do this combo more often. Thanks John! Breakdown: 15 min jump rope skipping

Diamond Legs #3

Today I choose to not do any supersets. I really wanted to focus on performing each and every exercise correct. So slow movements, mucles fully engaged and activated and also, very important, focused on my breathing. I started with jump rope skipping with the weight vest for the first 10 minutes. Then I took the vest off and continued for another 5 minutes fast. Man it felt good!! After that

Diamond Legs #2

As you can see it was a deadlift kind of day. I planned of doing just 4 sets of deadlifts but my other self being in the zone totally disagreed and went on with four more sets. Pfffeww! Then I went on with the idiot-proof goblet squat. yeah.. idiot-proof. It is!! The goblet squat might be just one of the BEST ways to improve your basic squatting form. It is

Blazing Glutes #1

This workout is all about the glutes. I will be sharing one Blazing Glutes workout a week that only targets the glutes. This workout is done after one of the hardcore abs workouts. Ok enough with the seriousness. This one kicked my azz, literally. It doesn’t seem much but we already have concluded that my workouts on paper seems pretty doable until actually doing it. This is no exception. I