Upper Body Inferno

Upper Body Inferno #6

Today I felt a little bit better so I decided, again, it would be a good idea to just go ahead and do my workout.  I did keep it a bit shorter than usual but hey, at least I got a workout in! Okay take a look below and tell what ya think would ya! Breakdown: 15 min jump rope skipping  – Double unders Superset 3 sets 8-10 reps Kneeling

Upper Body Inferno #5

This might have been one of the best upper body workouts I have ever done.  For realz. I went from one exercise to another just cruising through the workout, minding ma own business with ma music blasting loudly in ma earz. I was in the ZONE! Bam! I decided to do three exercises per muscle group, going from light weight to heavy weight to moderate weight etc. I love shocking my

Upper Body Inferno #4

Today I sucked at double unders. I tried and tried but I couldn’t even do two in a row!!!! I blame yesterday’s weight vest. I will try again tomorrow. Today was all about supersets. I LOVE supersets, it keeps my heartbeat up and it saves me a lot of time going through the workout. I decided to start with the inverted row since I suck at pullups. The inverted row

Upper Body Inferno #3

Another day, another workout done! Today I started with a little conditioning, core and coordination practice.. jump rope skipping, double unders to be exact. I have been practicing on my double unders and yaaaayyy progress, win! For the people that don’t know what double unders are.. it’s just jumping a little higher and spinning the rope a little faster so that it passes twice before you touch the ground. Easy right? Well.. not

Upper Body Inferno #2

Get ready for an intense upper body workout.  I promise you, when done correctly, this one will kick your behind. Eerrrr…not literally since its an upper body workout. I started with the bigger muscle groups and worked my way down to the smaller ones.  So I hit the back first, then went on with chest, then shoulders and last but definitely not least the arms. Before each exercise I always